Wedding Rituals

We want to help you create the ceremony of your dreams, that reflects the type of life and world you believe is possible. Your ritual can be anything you want it to be. Together we will explore the following questions for your ceremony (and so much more!)

  • What does marriage and commitment mean to you, and what kind of life do you imagine building together? How can this translate into your ritual?
  • How do you want to incorporate family, friends, and beloved community? Do you want to share personal and community vows?
  • How do you want to incorporate your political and moral vision for the world?
  • How does spirituality and ancestry fit into your life, and how do you want them to fit into your ritual?

We also offer spiritual direction and discernment for individuals and couples leading up to the ceremony.

Other Rituals

Are you moving to a new place? Coming out? Transitioning genders? Grieving a big loss? Bringing new life into the world? Setting a boundary with your mom? Committing to a new friendship? Ending (or starting) a long-term organizing campaign? Deleting tinder once and for all??

All of our moments of transition and transformation deserve to be marked with ritual. We are here to help you craft rituals that can hold you in your life moments and bring you through big (and not so big) change. Whether in front of your entire community or alone on a beach, rituals allow us to be fully present to where we are and where we’re going.

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