Hi! We're Rebecca & KB!

We are two organizers who have committed our lives to building a just world. We realized that in order to stay rooted in the messy, heartbreaking and beautiful work of movement building, we needed to deepen our own spiritual lives. This journey took us down the path of ordination in each of our respective faith traditions.

As clergy, we love crafting powerful rituals. We think committing to building a life with someone else and celebrating love in community are beautiful things. We also think marriage is rooted in property, property is theft, and the nuclear family is the foil to true solidarity!! What is to be done?!

We are here to guide through your pre-marital process, help you shape a wedding ritual that reflects your values of collective liberation, and set you up to intentionally build a loving, liberatory partnership grounded in solidarity and community. How can your wedding ritual prefigure the life you want to live together, the beloved community you want to build, and the liberated world we are fighting for?

Meet KB

I am a union organizer of over a decade, an anti-capitalist, and a theologian rooted in liberation theology, the revolutionary story of the Gospels, and the Celtic spiritual tradition of reverence for nature and the interconnectedness of all things. I am also a disciplined meditator, and an ecstatic lover of rituals.

Meet Rebecca

As a Rabbi, I root myself in Jewish text, tradition and our history as a revolutionary people. I love supporting people to plan creative rituals to mark important life moments, relationships and transitions of all kinds.

Things We Do


Let's collectively think about how the institutions of marriage and family work, and what that means for our lives and relationships.


We want to help you create the ceremony of your dreams, that reflects the type of life and world you believe is possible.


The Ketubah should become a place for deep engagement with what it really means to enter into commitment and partnership.

Let's Talk!

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