Workshop: Building Revolutionary Relationships

This workshop will help us collectively think about how the institutions of marriage and family work, and what that means for our lives and relationships.

The institutions of marriage and the nuclear family have worked to uphold capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and heteronormativity. And committing to move through life with others based on mutual love and care is a beautiful thing. So…are the concepts of marriage and family salvageable? Can we reinvent marriage and family to be liberatory concepts…or do we need to throw away these ideas all together? If so, what alternative ideas and structures can hold us, our most intimate and loving relationships, and our communities?

We will dig into these questions together over 6 weekly sessions. Spoiler alert: We don’t have the answers!! Our only goal is finding camaraderie and support as we navigate making choices that align with our values during late stage capitalism. We will base our conversations on writings from socialist-feminist thinkers, frameworks within our spiritual traditions, and our own experiences.

All are welcome!

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